This is the blessed life …

 “This is the blessed life – not anxious to see far down the road nor overly concerned about the next step, not eager to choose the path nor weighted down with the heavy responsibilities of the future, but quietly following the Shepherd, one step at a time.”

The Dead Sea // Jordan 

We are all in need of the same thing; the poor, the wealthy, the needy, the proud, the free, the enslaved. We are all in need of a Savior. No matter the name of your father, the background of your mother, the tradition of your family, the need for a Savior is universal. I have had the privilege to meet and encounter so many people over the past few months. People of different ages and backgrounds, of different nationalities and traditions, of different circumstances and beliefs; and I have witnessed this glaring need for a Savior.

I had the opportunity to finish off 2016 living in Amman, Jordan. I was invited to spend 6 weeks in Amman; with the aim and hope of learning about the Arabic culture, the people, customs and the language. I was able to witness the Lord work in ways of beautiful subtlety. The presence of the Lord can be so clearly seen in a place of such darkness and loss. With prayer as the most vital tool in my belt, the Lord protected and guided me as I was there. Truly giving me a pure love for the women and a broken heart for their circumstance. My heart was to show the love their Father has for them, and their inheritance as daughters of the King. The Lord so clearly showed me that under all the coverings that we see, there is a beautiful creation, one that thinks like me, one that worries like me, one that needs like me, and one that is loved like me; but one difference remains, I have the freedom to think the way I do, to worry the way I do, to need the way I do, and to receive the love of my Father the way I do. So what can I do for these beautiful creations? What can I do for these daughters of the King? I can PRAY, I can LOVE, I can CARE. My six weeks in Jordan left me with that heart.

 In February, I will start my next semester at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe. I will be spending the next three and a half months studying the Word of God, stepping out in exactly what He has placed before me. I will continue yet further at Bible College throughout the summer, serving in a multitude of conferences. The Lord has continued faithfully providing for me throughout my time at the college. And He never fails to teach me new lessons each and every day. It is an incredible encouragement to look back over the past seven months I have spent away from home; to clearly see the way He has provided for my every need, even beyond and above what I would have thought possible. Please continue to pray for financial provision and guidance for each step ahead of me.

Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe // Vajta, HungaryIMG_8808.jpg

If you have any questions or would like to know more specific details about what I have been doing please message me or email me! I would love to share more about what the Lord has been doing and the different ministries I have been able to be apart of.



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