Romania Bound!

Any of you who know me, know one thing for certain, I have a slight (rather large) obsession and love for children. It’s possible that I squeal just about every time I see one. So naturally, when the opportunity presented itself for me to go and take care of them, I said without hesitation, “heck yes!” On April 14th, I and six other wonderful humans will embark on a mini adventure to Bistrita, Romania, for ten days. Our purpose and heart is to serve alongside the local church, as well as various children’s ministries throughout the city. We will also be visiting an orphanage for those with disabilities, and running an after school care program.

My heart breaks whenever I encounter an unloved child, or see one that does not know Jesus. It blows my mind just how much our God truly loves them; He sat them on His knee; they were comfortable with Him. In fact, we are told to be just as they are, to come to the Father’s feet in complete rest and perfect surrender. The amount we can learn from a child is boundless, and what we can give to them is even more, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Ten days we will be serving there, and ten days we get to share the love of Jesus with them. Please pray for these ten days! Pray that the children would be able to comprehend the love God has for them, and pray that the church would be encouraged and blessed by the work that God is doing. Pray that God would give us a supernatural unity with one another. Lastly, please pray for provision. Serving inevitably means finances, and as we know, the Lord is so faithful to provide wherever He leads. I need to raise $500 NZD ($350 USD) to be able to go. I am oh so blessed to have this opportunity, and to see God’s handiwork in my life! To Him be all the glory.

If you would like to know any more specifics or have it on your heart to support me please email me or message me on Facebook!



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