Great is Thy Faithfulness

I’ve taken a step back so that I might apprehend accurately the many events this past year is composed of. In doing so, I see that I  have experienced many different things over the past year; but the blatant and outstanding truth is that God has been faithful throughout everything! God’s faithfulness is a constant reality, an ever-present truth, and an unfailing fact. The amount of alterations I’ve been through are innumerable, the experiences, abundant. I have been reunited with old childhood friends, and have accumulated new and lasting friendships as well. Yet truly, the only steadfast reality has been, and always will be, God’s faithfulness. I have seen it through provision, through comfort, in His Word, and by His grace towards me. The most astounding part is the invariableness of God, the fact that He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever! Seasons may change, times may change, people may change, but He is consistent and His love is never ending.

The Lord’s devotion is sure; ours, however, must be tested. And let me say, I am incredibly lacking in this area of my life. In my weakness, in my heartache and pain, in my worrying, God remains strong. I doubt His goodness and I doubt His purpose. He however, continues to be dedicated in seeing my refinement to the utter end. Our faith is tested so that we might be living examples of the hope of heaven and the endurance of the cross. My purpose on this Earth is to glorify the Creator. And if my glorifying is to be through pain, then so be it. We can get through anything with Christ, and in the end, it is a testimony to those around us of His great power.

One thing I’ve leaned though, is that persistence is one thing, but the real test, and even greater opportunity for us to portray the life of Christ, is found when we endure with patience, and with joy. Joy can be shown throughout our suffering. Our happiness should not hinge on our circumstances, but on the hope and promises that the Lord gives us. There is an eternal perspective I can project through the way I conduct myself, albeit the truth is that, for me, this does not come about easily. This comes down to contentment and surrender. I have surrendered my life to Christ, whatever my lot, my life is His and is dedicated to His disposal. Contentment is something learned, not inherited. And in all situations are we to be content. In closing, God’s faithfulness is what enables us to endure through each aspect of life, and His promise of hope and continual outpouring of grace is what enhances us to be able to endure joyfully and patiently. Day by day, minute-by-minute, I have to remind myself of these things. It is not a practiced habit for me to live this way, I hope that is not how I come across, but it is something I am learning to do, and will continue to learn, throughout my entire life.

In every season of life, God desires to teach us and grow us. My time here in Hungary is coming to an end. Within this juncture there have been many chances to grow, and I am incredibly grateful for all of them- for those that drew tears and those that sparked laughter. The brokenness of sorrow is made sweet by the Saviour who mends it. And as His gentle hands put back together each piece, He moulds new blessings to substitute the many scars. Let that be an encouragement to you today.

What’s next? I will be flying back to New Zealand on the 7th of September, God has truly put it on my heart to return home and encourage and share all the things He has taught me. I have been praying for Him to give me His heart for the gospel and a passion that burns bright. I don’t know what that looks like practically, but if I’ve learned anything in my 20 years, it’s to walk faithfully forward, step-by-step, and God provides the practicalities. Pray for opportunity, provision for whatever God has, and that I may be a blessing to whomever I am able to serve in my time home! The sea breeze and palm trees are calling my name!


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